An OPML file!

More specifically, *my* OPML file -- my current blog subscriptions.

I’m always curious about what people are doing and reading and thought I should put my bytes where my brain is and publish my current subscriptions.

Here are my subscriptions as of today, January 18th, 2024.

There’s some super old stuff in there from the (gasp!) Google Reader days, blogs that are probably long dead but that I hope will revive someday, things I don’t care about anymore but that continue to publish… all kinds of stuff.

I’ve been meaning to split my feeds into all, blog posts, jokes, quotes, notes and for some reason getting serious about feeds made me think about my own feed subscriptions. So here they are.

I’ve also been pondering some automation. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a dedicated link blog that I can add to by filing an issue on my site’s repo? Or maybe keep track of what I’m reading (or not) through a similar automation scheme?

The sky’s the limit on the ol’ personal site.