Felis Lux, my jam game!

I wrote a new game for Mini Jam 150! Here it is.

Here’s a link to the game page on my site.

I wanted to make something in Godot and give it a shot, see what I could do. I was pretty pleased with the result – I came in 12th out of 132 entries! Not bad for (what was basically) my second jam game.

The editor only crashed on me twice, which it had never done before but that was in a non-game-jam context so of course it would crash during a jam.

I worked on the game for around fourteen hours. Too much intense typing stresses out my RSI so I had to take lots of stretch breaks. I also randomly had a tooth infection that week that was making it hard to feel creative.

I wish I’d made more levels. I wish I’d provided more feedback about how the light scares the enemies. I’m not sure I’m going to work more on it.

I’m definitely going to do more game jams in the near future.