Ha Ha, Just Kidding, I'm Using NextJS Now

Just when I thought I was done tinkering with my site I found NextJS. Oops.

I mean, I don’t need an excuse to tinker with things that are better left alone. I apparently derive great joy from experimenting with static-site-generators including hugo and gatsby and metalsmith. Before that, I had a lot of fun playing around with seemingly every open source PHP-based CMS in existence. My bookshelf is full of blank books that have one page written in them before I moved on to something else because the current notebooks just weren’t good enough for some reason. I re-arrange my office once a year or so. Just to put all this in context.

But I think NextJS is the way for me to go now primarily because it sits at the crossroads of three things I like very much right now: JavaScript, Markdown, and no servers.

I’m not going to claim JavaScript is a perfect language, but I’m using it a lot these days so it’s very comfortable for me. Markdown is hands-down my favorite long-form writing data format. And not having servers is the way of the future. Because my site is hosted on Firebase, I don’t have to worry about my site being unavailable due to a scarcity of CPU resources or money resources (since static hosting is very cheap).

Enter NextJS.

I believe my site is at the point where I can simply write into various Markdown files and have what I expect show up where I expect it now.

And if I need more custom functionality it’s only a few JS lines away from working across my entire site.

Also! Because I’m using Firebase hosting, I have access to some Firebase features that will be fun to play with. Especially Cloud Functions.