I watched this sweet tutorial on Godot and now I want to make a Godot game -- halp!

I never thought a visual editor would work for me but this tutorial made me want to try again.

It’s like eleven hours long but it’s really good:

Video content normally doesn’t work for me. I read really fast and normally can’t pay attention to tutorial videos for ADHD reasons. But this one is just great: the presenter doesn’t mess around with a bunch of extraneous stuff (no “commentlikeandsubscribe” stuff), they explain what they’re going to do in concise terms, and they’re building a single project over a series of videos rather than making a series of “hello world” examples that don’t actually explain anything.

With the recent Unity fiasco I was browsing around the web and came upon Godot again. I’d tried it before (along with Defold) but it hadn’t really stuck; I’m a coder through and through, and the idea of being beholden to a visual editor to do anything seemed like an unwanted workflow burden, an unnecessary speedbump between my ideas and getting the computer to do stuff. I feel productive in my text editor and had a hard time imagining giving that up.

My current game is made in LÖVE and is Makefile-driven. It’s currently about 184 Lua files containing around 10k lines of code (not including libraries) and… is kinda big. I probably bit off more than I can chew, especially with part-time development that goes in fits and starts.

So what if I took a break from that game to make some kind of smaller game, just to try Godot out, see what I think? Why not.

I’ve been thinking about how to do horror in 2d right – a lot of the horror games I see Let’s-Players playing are 3d, usually analog horror games. Endoparasitic stands out as a glorious 2d exception that I find very inspiring. Sci-fi body horror? Sign me up.

Time to go to the drawing board, literally – can I make a non-pixel-art 2d top-down sci-fi horror game in Godot and release it? I guess I’ll find out!