My principles

I wanted to declare what I believe and set it down in public.

To do that, I first have to actually write down my beliefs somewhere, so that’s done. There’s some interesting technical stuff about how those principles came to be a part of this site, but I’m leaving that for another blog post. This whole effort is, itself, an expression of the principle “It’s okay to make mistakes” and written in defiance of my own imposter syndrome. This is me giving a fuck – being vulnerable, putting more of myself out there.

I’m reasonably sure that these are evergreen principles for me, but the list could change – it might shrink or grow, who knows. I have a few more baking in the background but I’m trying to decide if they’re important enough to declare.

I’m also experimenting with having an actual digital garden, where I plant things here and there on my site and see how they grow, accepting that they may not work perfectly out of the box and being willing to prune and attend to things later. Because of how I exported my principles from my TiddlyWiki they sometimes have links that go nowhere; I’m making that a problem for future-David. After all, perfect is the enemy of good and I want this out there already.