A New Start! 🙀

It appears I’m gonna start blogging again.

While developing my Big Game (which will get its own reveal very soon now), I kept coming across problems that were not addressed in any tutorials that I could find. I have tons of game development books, I’ve read lots of articles, and there’s a real dearth of content beyond the beginner but before the expert.

So I thought I should reconfigure my site not just for the content related to the game directly, like where to buy it, but also to post about its development – problems I’ve encountered and their solutions (or workarounds!), interesting tricks, great tools. All of it.

Along the way I finally bit the bullet and switched to Jekyll. I don’t know what I had against it before but it’s a great static-site generator. Before this I tried Hugo, GatsbyJS, and Metalsmith. Each one had their shortcomings and I always felt like I was fighting to do things I wanted. Not so with Jekyll. I’ve fought hard to catch up to everyone else, but I’m finally here! Yay!

Watch this space.