Root Log for Feb. 22, 2021


I am trying to document our Root games in a more regular, nerdy fashion so I can tighten up my thinking around the game itself and fine-tune my own strategies in general. We try to play at least once a week.

Root is my favorite board game in the world at the moment. It is hideously complex, and I’ve played more incorrect games than I have correct games, but we’re getting there.

Game Setup

Final State

General Thoughts

I need to start taking nerdy notes on a per-turn basis so I’m not relying on my faulty memory to create these logs. I’m also going to get Terra and Alex to read it and see if they have any feedback or if I’m missing anything.

Terra played an amazing game as the Lizards. She dominated the board throughout the game. We didn’t do enough to contain her gardens and, in the end-game, the Lizard’s ability to rule a clearing by virtue of having a garden created lots of movement pressure on the Birds and Cats.

Based on my starting hand (two Bunny cards) and my initial roost clearing suit (Bunny), I picked the “Recruiter leader, stack recruit, go into turmoil first turn” strategy. That gave me an early lead on warriors in the game (twelve total). I picked the “Move and Battle” leader next, who deals an extra hit in battle as attacker. Great for when you have twelve warriors on the board. I went into turmoil one more time, after.

Alex spent the early game clearing mountain paths at a VP-point-for-a-card cost. Post-game, he felt like doing that so early was a mistake.

The Cats and Lizards were neck-and-neck with Birds catching up towards the end.

My Faction Performance

That weird recruiter startegy was lots of goofy fun. The birds continue to confound me, in general, even if I did win. It feels like barely being in control of a bucking bronco, to me, even as their plan is available and incrementally built.

My early draw was terrible, no bird cards until the end-game. Terra did a great job positioning warriors underneath the grinding wheel of the Birds’ Battle decree.

Terra and Alex helped a lot, so my Bird play felt like a group effort at times. I don’t mind the help, really.

Next Time

What about the Partisans deck? I’d love to spend more time with the Woodland Alliance in the near future, it’s been too long.