Root Log for Feb. 27, 2021. First game.


I am trying to document our Root games in a more regular, nerdy fashion so I can tighten up my thinking around the game itself and fine-tune my own strategies in general. We try to play at least once a week.

Root is my favorite board game in the world at the moment. It is hideously complex, and I’ve played more incorrect games than I have correct games, but we’re getting there.

Our first co-op game against a bot player! We pretty much slaughtered it. Time to up the difficulty for next time.

Game Setup

Final State

General Thoughts

Co-op was lots of fun. I’m not sure we played it correctly. We realized that we were scoring the Marquise wrong towards the end of the game and were granting it too many points when it scored. Ooops.

I don’t think anyone felt like we were getting whomped by the bot; if anything, our VP totals were clumped together most of the game until close to the end. The Vagabond reached 30 first, then the Woodland Alliance, finally the Eyrie.

A mid-game Favor of the Foxes killed the starting clearing for the Mechanical Marquise. Since it doesn’t make particular use of its Keep so this was mostly like felling a forest so we could control the sapling growth.

The bot never gained any particular position. The occasional bird card draw made for some interesting combats, but generally seemed helpful in maintaining the Eyrie decree or in creating outrage for the Alliance.

A couple of interesting takes: co-op players are still considered enemies for purposes of Revolt, etc. A couple of times we human players purposefully zapped each other for temporary advantage, especially in the end-game.

My Faction Performance

Ah, the Woodland Alliance, my jam.

I feel like I did a good job using Outrage to generate enough card draw to grow along the expected growth curve for the Woodland Alliance (vaguely polynomial; slow at the start, rushing at the end). We were all coordinating so I don’t remember any particular turn of mine having an outsize contribution to the win.

I continued my general strategy of almost never attacking with the Alliance but using warriors to spread sympathy late game.

Next Time

More difficult bot! Maybe a different faction, maybe give the Mechanical Marquise some abilities…?