I started building a weird microblogging thing I’m calling wisps. I wanted a place to dump random linkspam, or post things that I thought were interesting, or whatever, but I didn’t want or need a social network, a login, or another database somewhere with my personal info in it. Hence, I built my own. Coders gonna code, I guess.

I always wanted to build a messy tumblelog in the “true” sense, something like Anarchaia but never quite got around to it. Now I have. It’s powered entirely by Markdown on a filesystem.

I think its form is going to stay pretty stripped down, for now: maybe an “about” page, maybe (maybe!) tags, and then… just keep dumping stuff on it.

It currently handles only URLs, but I think the next thing is photos, maybe music (either Spotify or Soundcloud).

The other fun part is the CLI helper I built for myself. Written in JS, it looks on my clipboard to see if there’s a URL there and, if so, fetches it and pulls the title. Then it writes a Markdown doc in the right place on the filesystem with the right metadata leaving me a place to comment. I like painless and automated input systems.

I’ll open-source it eventually, nothing shameful in there (it’s too simple for that) but I haven’t decided if I want the wisps themselves to float along with the repo vs. what I do with my notes site, where the notes themselves are in a separate repo from the site that displays them. I don’t think I’ll end up going that route because the wisps, as suggested by the name, are very ephemeral things depicting what I was looking at that day. They aren’t really a data source for mixing and matching like I want my notes to be.