Pixel art of buildings against a night sky.
Some buildings getting blown away by an earthquake!

I’ve never made anything for a game jam, and I wanted 2022 to be the year that I changed that. I decided to enter the LÖVE Jam 2022 as my first game jam evar. I had a ton of fun, and I came in 17th!

The theme was EARTHQUAKE and I decided to hit that theme right on the nose. I tossed some ideas around a bit, but it was Poltergasm, in the Love Discord, who suggested the game idea and even had a lo-fi screenshot that I found very inspiring. Props to them for that!

I think I worked about twelve hours, all told? Most of that was polishing the game idea. Which is too bad, because I think the basic “hit the button to blow up buildings” thing wasn’t well communicated by the game and I really should’ve found some music. Oh well, maybe next time.

Here’s the page for my submission:

Here’s a link to the repo: