I always want to know what tools were used to make the games that I play, so I thought I would satisfy that curiosity for anyone else who feels the same as me.

The List

The Reasoning

My most important requirements when it came to technology were a developer-friendly toolchain and cross-platform capabilities. If the engine or framework I ended up with was open source, even better. My target for this game is desktops. I doubt I’m going to release it on mobile, but never say never.

I evaluated all the usuals: Unity, Unreal, Godot, GameMaker Studio, Defold, various Haxe flavors…

Then I fell in Löve.

Löve is a fantastic 2d framework built on top of OpenGL and the SDL that will happily support as much complexity as you need with a very pleasant interface. It’s what I recommend to people when they tell me they want to make games and learn to program at the same time. Löve makes use of the Lua language, which is great to work in – especially if you love dynamic languages, which I do.

My toolchain consists of Git, a Makefile, and the outputs of lots of those programs I listed before.