All The Notes


The Projects note stays updated with what I’m up to.

Check out the principle tag for a list of things I think that I think.

Check out the fiction tag for things I’m brave enough to write and then put somewhere public.

There’s also the words list and the quotes list notes to take a gander at.

The drafts note list shows notes that are in an even less finished state than most of the notes I’m trying to keep here.

All The Notes

  1. Archive Fever
  2. Diego's Hands
  3. Diego's Pain
  4. Don't Believe Everything You Think
  5. Empathy and Humor
  6. Game AI - Knowledge Representation Survey
  7. How to Take Smart Notes
  8. Human Brains Are Bad at Internet
  9. I Hate Watching Videos to Learn Things
  10. Jokes
  11. Mentoring
  12. My Dad's Favorite Verse from Micah
  13. My mother used to say...
  14. Podcasts
  15. Priority of Constituencies
  16. Programming is blindly manipulating symbols
  17. Projects
  18. Social Media Is Hazardous Material
  19. Solitude is Freedom from Other People's Minds
  20. Supremacy of Text
  21. Ward Cunningham - Technical Debt
  22. Words
  23. Words Mean Things