What I’m doing right now.

Fun Stuff

I’m jumping out of a plane for my birthday, but not on my birthday. I’m excited and nervous.


Still doing lots of note work in Tiddlywiki. Trying to figure out if there’s anything in there I want to export (there is!) and how to do it safely. I’ve been doing a daily journal practice in there with some intensely personal stuff that I don’t want to leak to the Internet at large. Definitely taking some cues from Soren’s zettelkasten on this one.

Revamping my personal site, bringing it back to 11ty. I want something that is more static, less widget-y. This is super relevant because I got a 500 from my personal site yesterday because it was relying on some server-side rendering that I didn’t actually want. Yucko.

Video Games

Back to working on Gemini Rising. I restarted the project after a year-long hiatus and some scope slashing.

I recently took another small break to do a game jam. I came in 17th! Here’s the page for Aftershock, my game jam game.

Role-playing Games

The Masks campaign has wrapped up season one with a big blast finale. We’re starting a new campaign using the City of Mist system, which I adore.


My derpy chat bot has been getting some love. I’m considering simplifying my personal site even more, getting rid of the Svelte underpinnings and going more native HTML and JS with some Markdown translators.


ON REPEAT: Abacab, by Genesis




What’s this again?

This is a Now page. You should have one too.