What I’m doing right now.

Web stuff

Site fully converted to SvelteKit. And It Is Good.


Check out my Projects note.

Working on a tumbley-loggy thing over at wisps. Tags and editorializing work. But I still want to add pictures and music and things.

Doing most of my note work in a private Roam Research graph these days. Not sure how to correlate that with my notes site. Maybe my notes site is more of a public writing thing than a private research thing? But doesn’t that miss the point? Or maybe me developing my writing in public is good enough?

Video Games

Working on Hyperblaster! A super simple space shooter to prove that I can finish a game. My son is doing the art. I’m also using it as a test tube for interesting CI experiments.

Role-playing Games


Work continues on the digital garden. I’ve left the code alone for a while now, it’s working for me. Been thinking about adding tag pages, also been thinking about adding some kind of crude search engine.

Messing about in Svelte.


ON REPEAT: MAYDAY by TheFatRat featuring Laura Brehm




What’s this again?

This is a Now page. You should have one too.