What I'm doing right now.


Trying to stay in the habit of updating my site on the regular.

Check out my Projects note.

Working on a tumbley-loggy thing over at wisps. Tags and editorializing work. But I still want to add pictures and music and things.


  • Haven't been thinking about digital gamedev at all. It's been nice, actually.
  • Been reading and re-reading Cortex and wanting, mightily, to make a game.

Digital Games

  • I'm basically playing no video games right now. Ugh.

Role-playing Games

  • Playing in a Masks campaign with Internet strangers! A curated Magpie game turned campaign. It's going great! Talk to me about the between-game vignettes.
  • About to start a Beam Saber game while one of the Dracula Dossier group goes on maternity leave! There's not enough Forged in the Dark in my life.


Do I just accept that I'm not going to write about teaching in an organized way and just make notes about it? Might be the way to go.


Work continues on the digital garden. I've left the code alone for a while now, it's working for me. Been thinking about adding tag pages, also been thinking about adding some kind of crude search engine.

Switched teams at work to a more data-ish, ML-ish team. It's nice to not be a cost center again.

Thinking about pulling Tailwind out of my site, since I want to do more custom things with the CSS.


ON REPEAT: MAYDAY by TheFatRat featuring Laura Brehm


  • TheFatRat.
  • Boom Kitty. (Boom Slayer is ridic awesome, and the Geometry Dash level to match)
  • Daniel Deluxe.
  • John Carpenter.



  • Dance with the Dead
  • Holy Fuck
  • Perturbator