What I’m doing right now.


Writing more. Thinking about how to organize notes usefully. Abandoning any potential emacs rabbit holes.

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Digital Games

Role-playing Games

  • The Dracula Dossier is very fun. Still not dead, but I’ve been shot by goons a couple of times. That wasn’t great.
  • Running a campaign using Shadow of the Demon Lord, maybe. Hard to schedule. And the I-roll-you-roll-I-roll of combat isn’t super exciting for me.
  • Playing in a Masks campaign with Internet strangers! A curated Magpie game turned campaign, second game is tonight. I’m very excited.


Thinking and reading about teaching adults. How to effectively communicate ideas and meet students where they’re looking. What does my teaching language look like?


I’m doing a lot of JavaScript, Lua, and Terraform these days. Always trying to get better at shell scripting. Paraphrasing the inestimable Merlin Mann, when I get a bit of shell scripting right I feel like a chimp that just successfully landed a jet.




  • Hunter as a Horse
  • Dance with the Dead
  • Holy Fuck