What I’m doing right now.


Getting into habit of updating site with notes and things.

Doing a decent job of updating Now and Projects. Not doing as good a job at tending to my notes. Trying to carefully read How to Take Smart Notes

Check out my Projects note.


  • Thinking about the name for the UI project… Some play on the UI thing, of course. Squiggle?
  • Still thinking about next game project. Candidates:
    • Typing game
      • Wizards shooting spaceships to save the Earth!
    • Match 3
    • Top-down stealth thing maybe?

Digital Games

  • I’m basically playing no video games right now. Ugh.

Role-playing Games

  • The Dracula Dossier is very fun. We’re in Europe. Close to Drac I think. Scary.
  • I think my Shadow of the Demon Lord game is dead. I don’t blame the system, I blame me.
  • Playing in a Masks campaign with Internet strangers! A curated Magpie game turned campaign. It’s going great! Talk to me about the between-game vignettes.


Need to write more about what how my teaching is going.


Mostly Terraform at work. Mostly JavaScript at home as I poke at my personal site and a notes system. Lua for anything gamedev-y, but I’m eyeing Rust.



  • Com Truise.
  • Angel Olsen.
  • Daniel Deluxe.



  • Dance with the Dead
  • Holy Fuck
  • Perturbator