1. Gemini Rising AI - Lua Scripting

    This post is the first in a series I’m writing about scripting the AI in my game, Gemini Rising. This one covers scripting with setfenv and Lua coroutines.

    8 minute read

  2. Gemini Rising AI - Introduction

    When I went looking for articles about game AI that went beyond the most basic level I had a hard time finding any. Most articles were more interested in defining one basic concept and providing an easy, “Hello World” example than diving deep into solving real problems in a real game. I’d like to change that for future programmers like me looking for guidance.

    2 minute read

  3. Oh Well, Gatsby It Is

    I switched over to Gatsby because Ruby is kind of annoying and because I’m more of a JavaScript tinkerer than a Ruby “it just works leave it alone”-er.

    1 minute read