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  1. Captivated by Public Note Systems

    In which I barf forth the list of links that are burning up my brain and absolutely forcing me to re-design my personal site.

    2 min read

  2. Gemini Rising AI - Goal-Oriented Action Planning

    My exploration of goal-oriented action planning and why I eventually decided not to use it.

    13 min read

  3. Gemini Rising AI - Behavior Trees

    A survey of behavior trees within Gemini Rising.

    11 min read

  4. Gemini Rising AI - Lua Scripting

    A short article about trying to script AI with straight lua code.

    6 min read

  5. Gemini Rising AI - Introduction

    The introduction to my series of posts about AI in my game Gemini Rising.

    1 min read

  6. Ha Ha Again, It's Hugo

    Just kidding, I'm using Hugo now.

    1 min read

  7. Ha Ha, Just Kidding, I'm Using NextJS Now

    I jump static site generators a lot. What about NextJS?

    1 min read

  8. Oh Well, Gatsby It Is

    1 min read

  9. Gemini Rising: The Stats

    1 min read

  10. Announcing Gemini Rising, my new game

    1 min read

  11. A New Start! ๐Ÿ™€

    1 min read