The collection of everything I've published on the site.

A bit of an experiment, these are things that I'm writing that are basically never truly complete and published. They're out here, reflecting my thinking, but never truly done.

Anything marked draft is especially fresh out of the oven and still in flux.

Essays and Things

  1. Principles
  2. I have imposter syndrome


  1. I watched this sweet tutorial on Godot and now I want to make a Godot game -- halp!
  2. Tab completion in Neovim with LazyVim and nvim-cmp
  3. What is console.createTask?
  4. Webmentions in Eleventy
  5. My principles
  6. A pretty Atom feed
  7. Neovim, Mason, and LSPs oh my!
  8. The JavaScript Toolchain Sucks
  9. Root Log for Mar. 14, 2021. Second game.
  10. Root Log for Mar. 14, 2021. First game.
  11. Root Log for March 3, 2021.
  12. Wisps!
  13. Root Log for Feb. 27, 2021. Second game.
  14. Root Log for Feb. 27, 2021. First game.
  15. Root Log for Feb. 22, 2021
  16. Captivated by Public Note Systems
  17. Gemini Rising AI - Goal-Oriented Action Planning
  18. Gemini Rising AI - Behavior Trees
  19. Gemini Rising AI - Lua Scripting
  20. Gemini Rising AI - Introduction
  21. Ha Ha Again, It's Hugo
  22. Ha Ha, Just Kidding, I'm Using NextJS Now
  23. Oh Well, Gatsby It Is
  24. Gemini Rising: The Stats
  25. Announcing Gemini Rising, my new game
  26. A New Start! 🙀